AMBI's goals

  • To create a world that understands stuttering and People Who Stutter (PWS). This vision was adopted by the ISA – International Stuttering Association.
    A world that understands stuttering, understands much more. Such world understands the meaning of tolerance. Such world knows to accept a person the way he is, including his weaknes. In such world one understands the other so, that even a stuttering person can buy a bottle of Coca Cola without a feeling shame. This is a better world not only for PWS but it is better for all of us.
  • To increase public awareness about the issue of stuttering.
    The question is how we in AMBI are going to move towards a "World that understands Stuttering". In the first place, we have to do our best to increase public awareness to the issue of stuttering, but that is not enough. We have to promote the issue of tolerance in its universal meaning.
  • To provide a supportive environment for both People Who Stutter and their families.
  • To improve the quality of speech therapy given to People Who Stutter in Israel.
  • To encourage the best Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) students to specialize in stuttering.
  • To encourage research into the phenomenon of stuttering.